3D Printing


West Caldwell Public Library provides 3D Printing services for students in the greater West Essex school districts and library cardholders. We currently operate one 3D Printer, an Ultimaker 2+, and can print up to 3-4 items a day. The standard fee for 3D Printing is $5.00, with additional charges of $0.50 per ounce of the completed design.

Resources to design 3D materials are free online and accessible for most ages.

The library uses biodegradable plastics, or PLA, to print objects no larger than 12×12 inches. Time restrictions apply. Colors include Lime Green, Light Blue, Black, Silver, and Purple. Currently, we are not able to print with more than one color per a project. To see detailed print requirements, please refer to the 3D Printing Release Form in this post.


Click here to view our 3D Printing Release Form.

Click here to learn how to design 3D Prints at home.

Click here to learn more about TED, our 3D Printer.

We ask that files be submitted via USB thumbdrive in .stl or .obj format for review. For faster results, please email your file to ya@westcaldwell.bccls.org.