Art Gallery (1)


  1. Artwork is artistic or educational and strictly for promoting the arts.
  2. The exhibit period is one month.
  3. Exhibitors will be charged a fee of $50.00 per month to display their artwork.
  4. Materials must be removed by the artist as scheduled. Displayed items remaining beyond the agreed upon time period will be removed and placed in the Director’s Office, if space permits, and will be held for a maximum of 15 days.
  5. The artist will install and label his/her exhibit.
  6. Exhibits are subject to the approval of the Director.  At the Director’s or in special circumstances at the Board of Trustees’ discretion, the exhibitor may be asked to remove an item(s).
  7. Exhibiting items does not indicate endorsement by the Library.
  8. The Library will refer all questions regarding an exhibit to the artist.
  9. In rare situations, exhibits may be subject to rescheduling. The Library will notify the artist as soon as possible if an exhibit date needs to be changed.
  10. The Library is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to the materials and is released from any liability that may result from loss, theft or damage.  It is strongly recommended that exhibitors carry their own insurance.


Please fill out an application and bring it to the library.



Revised March 16, 2010