Courtesy and Paid Cards

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Courtesy or Paid cardholders of West Caldwell Public Library have access to JerseyClicks and our local library’s personal resources. You can receive a Courtesy Card by presenting proof of current employment in West Caldwell, NJ via a physical copy of your pay stub or a printed letter from your employer. You can receive a Paid Card by purchasing one at our library; these must be purchased annually. Current cost of a Paid Card is $250.00.

Cardholders from other libraries must review the online resources their home library has to offer.

ReBL (Paid Cardholders)

A majority of public and academic libraries in Essex County, including West Caldwell Public Library, participate in ReBL (Reciprocating Borrowing and Lending). While each library has their own rules for ReBL, most agree that any patrons with a current ReBL sticker on their library card will have walk-in lending privileges. Just remember to return the items back to the right library!

To get a current ReBL sticker, you must be in good standing with your home library.

Axis 360 (Both)

Axis 360 is only available to West Caldwell cardholders and has a great selection of high demand fiction and non-fiction titles for most devices.

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Mango (Both)

Mango Languages’ PhD-created and linguist-approved software teaches real conversations in over 60 languages and makes it fun.

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JerseyClicks (Both)

This resource list for NJ public library cardholders includes historical newspapers, research journals, job and career help, and, soon, Rosetta Stone.

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Rosetta Stone (Both)

Rosetta Stone is one of the most trusted language learning resources on the market. Thanks to the NJ State Library, this resource is now free to all public library cardholders in the state of New Jersey.

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Ancestry Library Edition (All)

The Library offers access to Ancestry Library Edition. Ancestry Library Edition is paid in part from the Historical Society of West Caldwell and the Friends of the Library. It is available at the public computers and in the Library’s Local History & Genealogy Room.