Minecraft Club

Hosted by Mr. Ryan

Rotating Thursdays @ 3:30 pm

Create & collaborate with friends.

Minecraft Club is an in-person collaborative, world-building program that utilizes STEM education and team-building exercises.

What You'll Need

Copy of Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) + Compatible Device

  • For Smart Devices: Purchase Minecraft Pocket Edition from your app shop.
  • For PCs/Laptops*: Purchase Minecraft from minecraft.net.

    *Chromebooks do not support Minecraft.

Join Our Realm

Join our Library Server. Online Play is not-yet-rated and space is limited.

 Visit tinyurl.com/wcplminecraft


Click on Open Minecraft -> select Play -> select Friends -> select Join Realm



  1. No posting of lewd or inappropriate content.
  2. Do not engage in any form of harassment.
  3. Do not interfere with other user’s builds unless given express permission.
  4. Building is only permitted in undeveloped sections of the map.
  5. There is a maximum of 10 participants at a time, including the host.

The West Caldwell Public Library is not affiliated with Mojang Studios.

Updated 4/6/2023 RO