Meeting Room

Reiher Family Meeting Room Use Policy

The West Caldwell Public Library offers its Reiher Family Meeting Room to local organizations for meetings and community programs. The Reiher Family Meeting Room is open to organizations engaged in educational, cultural, charitable, intellectual, advocacy, civic, religious, or political activities. The priority of the library is to meet the needs of the library and schedule use of the Reiher Family Meeting Room in priority order as follows: the Library, the Friends of the West Caldwell Public Library and the West Caldwell Municipality. When the Reiher Family Meeting Room is not scheduled for a program sponsored by a group listed above, the Library will then allow organizations to reserve the Reiher Family Meeting Room. Groups may reserve the room up to 3 months in advance and no more than one meeting in any four week period.

All meetings should be held between the following hours:

  • Monday- Wednesday 9am – 7:45pm
  • Thursday & Friday 9am – 4:45pm
  • Saturday 9am – 4:45pm