Strategic Plan 2024-26


I have been a member of the West Caldwell Public Library for sixty years. The memories of my time spent as a child in the original Julia Potwin Library (currently the town’s Civic Center) still make me smile. I am now blessed to serve as the President of the Board of Trustees. How our library has grown and matured!

It is still a pleasure for me to enter the library, be greeted by our fantastic staff (as they do to everyone who comes through the doors), and enjoy all the on-going activity: youngsters playing with games, computers, reading or searching for books; ESL group sharing conversation; patrons playing Mahjong, Canasta, or Bridge; reference librarians solving someone’s problems; staff engaging with patrons; BCCLS computers humming away; Book Club group sharing a recent read; senior citizens enjoying the movie of the week; special students learning about the library; persons appreciating local artwork on display; and so many just meandering among the stacks to find a special book. The atmosphere is wonderful, friendly, and welcoming! It is both our staff and town council and their dedication to our library that makes our task as Trustees almost effortless and our library the ”jewel” of West Caldwell.

Libraries are no longer just repositories for borrowing books; they are so much more! Our insightful director initiated a conversation with the Trustees concerning the development of a Strategic Plan, knowing it would be necessary- a map guiding us into our future. We set forth with a Strategic Plan Committee including staff, trustees, and individuals from various segments of our community and neighboring communities to achieve this goal. The result was well worth the hours spent surveying, talking, debating, and eventually agreeing on
our Vision, Mission, and Objectives. With this plan, we have a greater insight into the diverse needs of our patrons and community and a path to fulfill them. We are entering into 2024 with enthusiasm and confidence!

Carol Otterbein
Board President